Hanoi street food walk

Hanoi street food walk

Hanoi street food walk

This unique Hanoi Flavour Walk is an invitation to Hanoi’s backyards; or how to go far beyond the usual tourism clichés, straight to the heart of Vietnam’s capital and its people. See Hanoi from the locals’ perspective.

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This tour is available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

This unique Hanoi Flavour Walk is an invitation to Hanoi’s backyards; or how to go far beyond the usual tourism clichés, straight to the heart of Vietnam’s capital and its people. See Hanoi from the locals’ perspective.

  • Theme tour: Family getaway, Urban Globe-trotter
  • Kids friendly: Yes
  • Destination: Less traveled


  • Walking through backyards of Hanoi Old Quarter
  • Getting closer to local life
  • Mouth-watering street food in Hanoi


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, or dinner | Accommodation: not any 

Hanoi, like any Asian city, is famous for its local food streets. Usually, street vendors selling the same type of food tend to congregate in the same area. The best local specialties are only served uniquely in a certain shop which is not easy to find by yourself. Our experienced guide will accompany you to try some of the tastiest Hanoian dishes. 

Take your pick from a wide range of street food menus to taste the authenticity of Hanoi. Please feel free to discuss with your local guide about the food you wish to try and your guide will invite you to get off the tourist trail and explore Hanoi hidden lanes. The cuisine adventure takes you through the busiest corner of Hanoi Old Quarter to its back streets.

You can choose to take a breakfast, lunch, or dinner walk (approximately 2.5- 3 hours).

Here are our suggested dishes we suggest for the main course:

  • Try Hanoi soul of Pho with different tastes of chicken or beef
  • Banh Cuon- hot rice paper with pork and fried onion cooked in front of you 
  • Bun Cha- another type of rice noodle served with grilled pork, herbs, and fish sauce 
  • Xoi- sticky rice of various types served with a dozen types of local pork, chicken, and beef dishes 
  • Ga Tan- steamed chicken with medical herbs, food of energy
  • Bun Bo Nam Bo- excellent Hanoi specialty of fresh noodles served with beef, bean spout green herbs with lemongrass flavor. Served with special fish sauce 

…and many more 

A complete meal will also include a starter, it can be Nom (green papaya salad with seasoned beef), fresh spring roll (herbs and varied kinds of meats), Banh Goi (moreish deep-fried pastries crammed with pork, vermicelli, and mushrooms). Don’t forget to end up with a local coffee for fruit juice at a street-side shop, where you’ll see the charming chaos of Hanoi passing by. 

[For breakfast and lunch only: The cuisine adventure takes you through the busiest corner of Hanoi Old Quarter to its back streets.] 

Note: the tour is not the best choice for a vegetarian eater. Please contact our travel consultant at info@asiatravelimage.com to request a private tour if you have any special requests on food and drink.


Validity Price per person
based on a group of 2
1 Jan 2022 - 31 Dec 2023 USD 28
[vnd 658 000]

* Fixed prices in USD. Prices in VND are subject to currency fluctuations upon making the trip reservation.

* Special prices for bigger groups, children, and the possibility to connect the tour with other stages of your trip around Indochina by contacting us. 

* A private trip for a solo traveler is also available with a surcharge.


  • Transfer service by taxi.
  • The services of an experienced English-speaking guide.
  • All food and drinks on the streets.
  • All entrance fees.
  • VAT and other taxes.


  • Accommodation in Hanoi.
  • Beverages, gratuities, and personal expenses.
  • Personal Travel Insurance.


  • Sun & rain gear.
  • Walking shoes/sandals.